Sunshine, sunshine nothin' but Sunshine

Happy hot and sunny day from the farm!

We spent today watering and now the plants are enjoying a nice long day basking in the sunshine. With all of the rain we had last week and all of the sun
to come in the next few days, we couldn't ask for better growing conditions!

This week we created a forum for posting pictures of the farm as it matures.
Please take a look when you get a chance. All of the photos are accompanied by the date they were taken so you can easily follow the progression of our wonderful organic farm.
We would love to hear any feedback or advice you may have about how the plants look or any techniques and tricks for vegetable growing success that you would like to share!
Follow this link to access the pictures.

Now that we are almost diving into July, things have smoothed out from the lively start that always comes along with planting your garden each season. Now that the plants are growing and weeds are semi- tame, we have been provided with the opportunity start sharing our progress with you! So, please also feel free to visit St. Michael's new sustainability website where a complete update of our farm project is available.

Happy Trails


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