Gobble, Gobble

It's a rainy day here at the farm and our wild turkey friend came to visit to this morning! Luckily, he is the only big creature to be spotted in the garden so far. Yesterday afternoon we experienced intense thunder storms and even some hail. But, have no fear our warrior vegetables survived and are stronger for it!

At the end of last we we fertilized the peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers with a compost concoction consisting of: 1/3 SMC compost, 1/3 last year's Intervale compost, and 1/3 this year's Intervale compost. The plants loved it! We had no sign of any tomatoes when we left for the weekend and when we came back Monday many new little fruits had popped out and now almost every pepper plant is producing! This growth indicated to us that our plants our healthy and alive but they are lacking sufficient nutrients for substantial growth. We plan to continue adding our compost mixture to the rest of the crops and possibly some additional phosphate for the tomatoes.

Some of our leafy greens are just about ready for their first harvest. We have a "cut and come again" mesculn lettuce mix that is ready for some picking and our thriving stir fry mix (pak choi, kale, mesculn, romaine) is ready to be munched on. Some of the pak choi in this mix went to seed, but not all of it. We are anticipating that the trimming of these greens will stimulate new growth in the plants as they persevere through our wonderfully exciting Vermont summer weather!

Gobble, Gobble,


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