Wild August

Happy Wednesday from the Garden!
What excitement we have had in the garden this past week! We've had some heavy rain, some much deserved long hot days without rain, and our maturing plants are getting ready for our first Farmers Market Stand this Friday!

We are thrilled to be able to share a variety of mixed greens (baby lettuce, kale, spicy stir fry mix, and heads of romaine), baby potted herbs( basil, cilantro, and mint), and a beautiful array of wildflowers with you at our Farm stand.  We will be located on the main campus green, Friday August 7th, in front of St. Ed's from 12-1:30 or until our harvest is exhausted.  We will be offering suggested prices, but haggling or donating will be encouraged!  

AugustGarden 021.jpg

Now, along with the excitement of having maturing vegetables and plants ready to share also comes new challenges.  Just like humans, as our plants grow further along new demands and issues emerge.  We discovered yesterday that our squash plants are suffering from squash vine borers.  The worm like larva of this pest bores into the stem of the plant and eats it from the inside out. Luckily we identified this problem and implemented the necessary steps to eliminate it from our plants.  Today we discovered it also traveled to our pumpkins and we are keeping a close eye on our cucumbers which may be the next victims.  We have strong faith that our actions will successfully get rid of this pest and the plants will make it through this and be even stronger!

We hope to see you Friday!


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