First Farm Stand of the Fall Semester

We had a very exciting turn out at our first farm stand with students back on campus.
We sold out of all the veggies and herbs!  We had the farm stand open at a time right between classes so students were able to get their hands on the veggies first!  There was so much positive feed back and interest from students and much inquiring about how to get involved.

Students at Farm Stand last Friday!
 If you would like to partake in garden/farm stand activities there are several ways to do so.  Outdoor Volunteer Efforts, a M.O.V.E. program, offers opportunities to help out in the garden Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings (check the MOVE board in Alliot for sign up times), Green Up holds weekly meetings where garden up dates and projects are announced and discussed, or you can mosey on down to the garden yourself and check it out.

We have plans to have a stand in the next couple of weeks that includes food made from the garden such as: salsa, pesto, tea and we will provide bread and chips so we can have a farm cafe.
If you have any suggestions or input on this idea please post them here or come to the next Green Up meeting with feedback. 

Until next time,
-Sedgewick (your friendly garden gnome)


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