Taming Weeds

Greetings everyone. In the midst of plentiful rain and cooler temperatures we had a productive and delightful week down at the farmden. Thanks to some tiller lessons and help from our friend Roger we were able to till up all the walkways in the farmden in preparation for hay mulching. We plan to mulch every row as well as around some of the plants in an attempt to keep our weeds under control this growing season! We vigorously weeded throughout the garden in an attempt to eliminate any competition for the sun we are expecting this weekend.

We also had a Veggie Start Farm stand this week. After thinning and transplanting was done we still had some left over veggie starts that needed homes. Here on campus we were able to share some new varieties and vegetables with folks who still had room in their gardens. We also donated some of our veggies starts to DREAM, the youth volunteer program run through M.O.V.E. and they will be planting at the Franklin Square Community Garden right in Burlington. And believe it or not we still have some baby plants looking for homes, so if you or anyone you know would like to nurture them please let us know. We are so happy to have the opportunity to not only share our veggies with our community, but also to be a resource for assisting people who want to learn how to grow food!


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