The incoming first year students came down to the garden on Sunday for the MOVE community service weekend! They were a great group! We gave them a tour of the garden...told them how we practice crop rotation and organic pest management. We're hoping we can get some new students interested in helping out in the garden :) We got a lot done; a few groups weeded the pumpkin patch as well as the rows of onions, swiss chard, and carrots. Another group was in charge of getting rid of the ever-annoying cucumber beetles that are attacking our squash. Ended with some of Heather's delicious baked goods and a group photo. All in all, a successful day with the MOVERS! This is the second year that we've had MOVE help in the garden. This connection with MOVE, as well as OVE, is really helpful in raising awareness about "the Secret Garden" (frequent response to saying I work in the garden: Garden? I didn't know Saint Mike's had an organic garden! Where?) More awareness = more involvment and that is exactly what we want!

Speaking of awareness...we are having a farm stand tomorrow on the chapel lawn! We have zucchini, lettuce, swiss chard, kale, basil, cilantro, turnips, and dill. Stop by to pick up some fresh, delicious veggies and herbs!


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