Sunshine, Snakes, and Snails

It has been quite the week working in the garden. Thanks to some much needed rain over the weekend we have been welcoming the sun as it showers our plants in a new way. The soil temperatures rose over the course of the week, so we sowed some seeds that like to germinate in these hot temperatures. In august we will hopefully have healthy and delicious boothby blonde cucumbers, summer squash, and zucchini! We also planted pumpkins in the back of the garden, but they won't be ready to harvest until the fall.

With the beans breaking through the soil, the basil making itself known, and the carrots hiding amongst the weeds, we are seeing great signs of life in our crops. On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have he help of Corey Dolbeare during the morning hours. Corey helped us move our water source, dig drainage ditches, and grab a garter snake for a friendly hello. Later in the week Erika and I witnessed one of the garter snakes eating a frog back in the mellon bed. It was quite the display of nature right before our eyes. Now if only the snakes would acquire a taste for escargot perhaps the snail population would begin to diminish. Alas they continue to thrive, but we did have some visitors come down on Thursday that took care of business in the snail department.

Sarah Regan and Olivia St. Peter came down to the garden for a little tour and some volunteer work. Olivia helped plant some carrots, and then she realized the immense joy of snail hunting. Olivia and Sarah spent some time going up and down the rows of the garden picking up snails and throwing them clear over the fence and into the wild blue yonder. Hopefully they will come back again soon so that they can resume their snail tossing.

As the week comes to a close we have our crops in and our first harvest. Heather harvested some garlic scapes today giving us hopes that the garlic bulbs are on their way! Tune in next week for more stories from the garden.


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