Wicked, Tricksy Thieveses!

They stoles is from us! Wicked, nasty, tricksy thieves! They stoles our precious...strawberries! After spending a weekend away from the farm Heather, Erika, and I were none to pleased to see that one of our strawberry bushes and both of our potted raspberry bushes had been taken out of the garden. Someone had come during the weekend and trampled over our fence and dug up one of our precious strawberry plants that we had planted after laboriously digging out a beautiful place for them. Not two days after we had lost the first strawberry plant did the wicked tricksy thieveses come back for a second. We have now lost two out of our three strawberry bushes, and unfortunately we will have no raspberries this year. In an effort to deter future theft we put up a new fence. Hopefully when we get back to the garden on Monday all plants will be accounted for.

In other areas of the garden we are very pleased to see the flowering of our pepper plants and melons. The sugar snap peas are starting to vine their way up the trellis, and our spinach has produced larger leaves than years past. We welcomed the rain with open arms at the end of the week, but it did hinder our ability to tend to some of the plants. We learned recently that you are not supposed to weed your beds during or after a rainfall. Weeding at times after recent rain will not allow the roots of the weeds to dry up in the sun and can cause contamination from bed to bed introducing new weeds and potentially diseases to other vegetables, so the weeding will need to wait until the sun shines a little brighter and a little hotter.

With everything growing we are hoping to start harvesting sometime within the next few weeks. Stay tuned for dates of farm stands and more stories. Hopefully we wont have any more unwanted visitors plucking out plants from under our noses.


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