Beeting the Heat with a Farm Stand Next Week

It was one hot week working and weeding in the garden. Thankfully we had some volunteers come down and help lighten the work load by weeding some of our beds giving us new areas to re-plant kale and plant more herbs. Though the heat was rough to work in, our plants enjoyed the warm weather. Our tomato plants have really started to pop, and our melons are looking bigger and better every day.

With our plants looking healthy and strong it is time to have our first farm stand! On Tuesday, July 26th from 11:30 - 1:30 we will be having a farm stand outside of Alliot Hall at Saint Michael's on the walkway near the chapel. Since not all of our crops are ready, this will be a smaller farm stand, but some of the vegetables that will be available are beets, chard, and hot peppers. We will also have some herbs for sale as well.

Hope everyone has stayed cool while riding out the heatwave. Stay tuned for more news from the garden next week.


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