Farming Friends and the 4th

After putting in our new fence we have not seen any signs of the berry burglar, but we did have a little bunny chew through it. Those holes have been mended and hopefully we wont see any more signs of him. In an effort to feed the little pest we harvested some of our lettuce! While the lettuce is too bitter right now to sell at a farm stand, hopefully the woodland critters will enjoy munching on it.

On Tuesday we took a trip up to Craftsbury, VT and took a tour of the beautiful Sterling College. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Sterling it is a progressive liberal arts college that offers three full semesters making it a year-round college. Students put theory in to practice at Sterling as part of their course requirements giving them both academic and field experience. The college educates students on a wide variety of environmental and sustainability fields while running their own farm as part of their education. Being Vermont gardeners ourselves we truly enjoyed our visit to this small agricultural college in the Northeast Kingdom! We are hoping to stay in communication with the folks at Sterling so that we can potentially work with them in the future.

On our way back to Saint Mike's from Sterling, we took a tour of the High Mowing Organic Seeds trial gardens to see where all of our seeds are actually propegated. It was neat to see all the different varieties lined up with one another as well as take note of different growing styles (raised beds, row covers, different types of trellising, etc.)

Our veggies are looking good, and hopefully the warm weather over the weekend will help to keep them growing healthy and strong. We hope that all of our followers and those that have been reading along have a happy 4th of July and a great weekend. Stay tuned for more stories next week!


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