Garden Gab

Well, we had our first farm stand of the season, and other than the rain it went fairly well. We had a few customers come by and pick up some beets, basil, and chard. Next week our customers can look forward to more of the same and some new veggies. Our bush beans are ready for picking and we should have summer squash for tuesday as well. Our garlic has all been picked and is being cured (for bulbs that we'll store over the winter). To cure our garlic, we followed the instructions on High Mowing Seeds website. Hopefully the skies do not open up on us next week while we try to sell our crops.

This past week Erika and I weeded our old lettuce beds because our lettuce had bolted and died in the hot weather. We tilled up the beds after weeding them and replanted lettuce so that we could have it ready come September. We also hilled our potatoes again, and continued the on-going project of weeding our beds and walkways.

Our cucumbers are growing bigger each day, and our eggplants have finally started to flower! I think that this weekend's hot weather will help give our plants the sunshine that they need to come to fruition. Stay tuned in for more stories next week, and remember to swing by our farm stand outside of the chapel at Saint Michael's between 11:30 and 1:30 next tuesday!


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