Walking in a Weeded Wonderland...

After a nice long weekend away from the garden we were welcomed back to it by a bounty of weeds. Our beds and walkways have become quite overgrown, so we spent most of our days this past week weeding them. Some of the areas that we took care of were the herb beds and the potato bed. After weeding out the potatoes we planted some rosemary to help deter the potato beetles that have appeared in the garden. Yes, that's right we have started to see pests picking at our plants.

Some of the techniques we have been trying out include partner planting and neem oil. Much like we did rosemary with the potatoes, we have planted marigolds with our squash and cucumber plants, and we are going to plant basil amongst our tomatoes. These are just a few of the plants that we have read up on that are supposed to be natural deterrents of pests. Neem oil is another form of a natural pest protector.

Neem oil is a natural product that is used with water to create a solution that can be sprayed directly on the plants. The solution will help to deter pests keeping the plants growing to fruition without the problems of insects eating them before we do. Hopefully it will work for us. We haven't seen many pests after spraying the plants so perhaps it is working already.

Stay tuned in for more stories next week.


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