A Fond Farewell

Hello readers! It has been a lonesome week working in the garden because Erika has left and gone home for the rest of the summer. The garden looks much bigger and much more quiet now that I no longer have someone to work with. Thank you Erika for being there with me for most of the summer you were a great help and taught me a lot about the wonderful world of gardening. With Erika gone, I am doing my best to continue harvesting and maintaining our plants for the final few weeks of summer.

The past week has been rather uneventful. I mostly weeded in order to keep our garden looking neat, and I harvested a few days during the week to make sure that our veggies did not become too ripe. Our farm stand this week was on the slow side, but the students are starting to come back to campus so sales should be up next week!

Please try to swing by the farm stand if you are in the area. As always we will be outside the chapel from 11:30 to 1:30 with lots of fresh vegetables. I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay tuned next week for more stories from the garden.


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