The hornworms have arrived. Monday morning upon entering the garden and looking at our tomato plants we noticed several large green pests munching on our plants. We took care of these behemoths of garden pests by cutting them in half with garden shears, swiftly ending their lives and preserving the health of our plants. With the hornworms seemingly out of the picture we have seen some of our cherry tomatoes turn red, but we have got wind that late blight has hit in Jericho Vermont, destroying a home gardener's crop. We hope that this tomato killing phenomenon doesn't rear its ugly head on our plants!

Our farm stand this week went much better than our first one. There was no rain during the stand, which meant our customers were able to come outside and not be soaked. Next week we hope to maybe even have some melons at our farm stand, but Erika and I will test them this weekend or on Monday to see if they are ready.

Stay tuned in next week for more stories from the garden. Make sure to swing by the farm stand on Tuesday next week outside of the Saint Michael's chapel from 11:30-1:30. Have a great weekend everyone!


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