How Grows The Garden

Hello readers and followers! We have seen some things come and go this past week. Our bush beans have been chomped on, but our eggplant has come in! The dill has bolted, but new herbs have germinated and will be ready for the fall! Our tomatoes have blight, but our melons are ripe! Some things are living and some things are dying, but such is life in the garden.

To ensure the safety of our vegetables from future garden predators, we sought out the hole that a woodchuck nibbled on our fence. The hole has been patched and hopefully he won't be back to feed on the fruits of our labor. *Correction, veggies of our labor.*

We have found ourselves on maintenance mode picking our vegetables when they are ripe and taking what we don't sell to the food shelf as a donation. Remember to check out our farm stand next Tuesday between 11:30 and 1:30 outside the chapel at Saint Michael's College. Have a wonderful weekend and stay tuned for more stories from the garden next week!"Have a nice weekend!

Thanks, Brian


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