Autumn, Already?!

Happy first day of Autumn! How did this happen? Life down at the garden has definitely been showing signs of Fall. We survived last weekend's threat of frost, but time is starting to slow and harvests have already reached their peak as we slide towards the sleeping season.

Our fall crop is coming in strong as the summer veggies start to die off. We harvested our sugar dumpling winter squash (which has a high sugar content, for those that love sweet winter squash). We are still waiting on our honey nut mini-butternut winter squash, which have started to show signs of ripening (when their outer skin turns from green to a butternut shade), we hope they become ready within the next couple of weeks.

One sure sign that it is now Fall is that our pumpkins are ready for harvest and will start showing up at our farm stands. We have a good crop of New England Pie Pumpkins (specifically for the bakers out there, we encourage you to only purchase the pie pumpkins if you intend to bake with them). We have a handful of your typical jack-o-lantern pumpkins as well (not as much as last year unforunately).

Hope to see you all on Tuesday at the farm stand, until then, enjoy the first fall weekend ahead!


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