Frightful Frost Alert!

Hug your veggies the next couple of nights, it's going to be a cold one! Monday temperatures reached into the lower 80s down at the garden and the next two nights the area is under a frost advisory! Not the 5 letter word in mid-September!!!! In preparation for the potential frost visiting the garden, row covers have been put on top of the veggies that would be most impacted by the weather change, as well as the ones we like the most, (cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant, swiss chard, cucumbers, winter squash). There are all types of row covers out there for gardeners to use.

We use two types down at the garden: All-Purpose Garden Fabric and Garden Quilt Fabric. There isn't a huge difference between the two. The All Purpose Garden Fabric allows for 70% light transmission and provides frost protection down to 28 degrees F. The Garden Quilt allows for 60% light transmission and provides frost protection down to 24 degrees F. We also use the row covers during the summer season to keep pests out. We try our best to keep the covers in good condition which allows us to reuse them for a few seasons.

We also decided to harvest a couple of crops ahead of the potential frost, all of our onions are out of the soil and curing in Heather's office on North Campus (it smells delicious!). We also harvested all of our sugar dumpling winter squash this morning (look for them at next week's farm stand). Fingers crossed the veggies stay warm over the next few nights, and if you are able to, camp out with them!


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