Tis the Season of Stubborn Squash

Today is the last day of September (wasn't it just August?) and our very stubborn honey-nut mini butternut winter squash have still not ripened! We have one little guy that is about ready to be harvested, but about 15-20 others that are still completely dark green! Butternut squash typcially take about 100 days to reach maturity, which means we should have started harvest on the 8th of September. Our sugar dumpling winter squash did take an extra 3 weeks from their expected to harvest date to the actual harvest date. So perhaps we just have increbily stubborn squash this season.

Thankfully, the pumpkins were not as stubborn. We harvested all of the pumpkin varieties Tuesday morning (all right on time and one variety a week early). Our Farm Stand this week definitely looked very festive for the fall season that just arrived. In the next few weeks ahead, we'll be transitioning the garden to its winter fashion, planting garlic and fall bulbs and a cover crop of winter rye. There will most likely only be 2 more outdoor farm stands for the season, so make sure you put them on your calendar (11:30-1:00ish every Tuesday!)


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