Happy Spring (Summer?)

Yesterday was the first official day of Spring, but by the looks and feel of things down here at the garden one would think it was almost summer time (80 degrees today and tomorrow!)!

I went down to check on the garden this morning and found that our garlic was already coming up (about 4 inches tall already). Beautiful purple crocuses also greeted me, 3 weeks earlier than last year. Our tulips, daffodils and lillies are also far above the soil.

Other garden updates as we gear up for growing season 2012: Last week we started our first round of seedlings in the Biology Department's greenhouse: onions, leeks and celery. Mid-April we'll start our next round which will include peppers and eggplants.

We can't wait to officially be back down at the garden, perhaps we'll be able to till and mix in compost a month earlier than years past (but we are being cautious, it is Vermont after all and it's snowed in April many of seasons).


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