How Does your Garlic Grow?

Quite well if you're garlic that's living in the SMC Organic Garden garlic bed. We've reached mid-April and our 3 varieties of garlic are over a foot tall (reaching this height 2 weeks earlier than the previous season).

What do we do to help the garlic grow at the beginning of spring? When the daffodil leaves show themselves (a few inches above the ground), a gardener is supposed to (1) remove mulch if you placed any on the bed in the fall and then (2) spread compost over the bed. We did this a few weeks ago. Now what we'll have to spend a little time doing in the upcoming week is weeding! Weeding, in April!

Other gardening work has been focusing on getting our starts going in the Biology greenhouse. We now have our onions, leeks, celery, peppers, eggplants and half of our tomatoes in the greenhouse. We'll finish up the tomatoes tomorrow or the start of next week and then in the first couple weeks of May we'll finish by starting the brocolli, canteloupe and watermelon.

We had a fabulous Outdoor Volunteer Efforts group that came down to the garden a few weeks ago now to help clean up the main veggie plot. Now we are anxiously waiting to get the plot tilled, bring in some compost and start mapping out the rows. Fingers crossed we can start a couple weeks earlier than we have in the past!


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