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Yesterday, 5/17, was the 3rd annual Saint Michael's College Staff Community Service Day.  AND for the third year in a row, the Organic Garden was one of the sites for folks to volunteer at.  This day is always one of my top five favorites in the garden.  It's such a joy to share the garden with more people that are part of the SMC community (and of course to get a lot of hard work done!)

Each year I have lucked out with having an amazing group of people!  Tasks for the day were: (1) repairing our front section of fence and installing a gate; (2) repairing our snap pea trellis (that was made at last year's Community Service Day) and putting it in the snap pea/spinach bed; (3) tilling 14 beds and then covering them with row covers to heat up the soil for the plants that like it hot and (4) spreading out some piles of compost.  The group got everything done and we even started to plant our Snap Peas!.  We are never this far ahead at this time in the season.

A huge thank you to the amazing volunteers: Father Mike Cronogue, Moise St. Louis, Rene Schmauder, Cynthia Kelley, Stacey Knight, Heather Soler, and Bill Grover.

All the work from yesterday allowed us this morning to get our onion seedlings out of the Cheray Greenhouse and into their beds (they really needed to get out of the greenhouse!).  This morning 4 varities of onions were planted (Sedona F1, Calibra F1, Siskiyou Sweet Walla Walla, and Red Wing F1 -- all from Highmowing Seeds) in 2 20 foot beds.  Each variety got 2 rows.  Lots of Onions!!!!  Yummy!

The Summer Garden crew starts on Monday and then the major planting begins.  Looking forward to a wonderful season ahead!

You can check out more pictures from the Community Service Day here:


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