Deer Beware

We know it's Thursday and not our usual post day (there will be another one tomorrow night, a bonus 2 in 1 week!) but we've had a pretty amazing gift given to us that we just couldn't wait to share with all our blog viewers!

An amazing community member teamed up with Will Guy from Guys Farm and Yard: (in Williston) to donate to the garden a Solar Electric Fence!!!  We couldn't believe our eyes Tuesday morning when all the parts were delivered.  It still has us in awe the kindness  and thoughtfullness that this community has for one another (well we always have known how great this community is, it's just indescribable how touching it is when that kindess directly supports a program you're involved with).  Purely a wonderful feeling.

Today, we started installing the fence (and are just about done) with help from political science professor Bill Grover.  Stay posted to the blog to find out how it works throughout the season.  The trick is that you attract the deer and other critters to touch the fence (at which point they learn they don't want to touch it again or go near it again).   We are beyond excited to see how the deer and other critters like it (or rather how they don't like it).

 Check out the process:


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