Flea Beetles and the Arrival of Summer

Have you noticed hundreds (maybe not hundreds) of tiny holes on your veggie leaves?  Well we certainly have on our bok choy and we are none too pleased about it (they're also on the Kale but apparently they aren't as big a fan of the kale). 

After scanning the leaves we spotted a very small blackish-brownish bug, then we spotted a lot of these bugs.  Searching through our Garden Insects of North America book (which is not enjoyable if you aren't a big fan of creepy crawly creatures) we've discovered these little suckers are flea beetles!  I've posted a picture, they are incredibly small but you might be able to make out a couple of them on the bok choy leaf if you enlarge the photo.  This morning we sprayed an organic insecticide soap on the leaves hoping this might deter them from munching on our veggies.  After doing some more research on flea beetle control we read that insecticide soaps aren't too effective....so we'll let you know what luck we have with it.  If it doesn't work, we'll most likely use some neem oil which is our go to cure for many pests.

Despite our flea beetle infestation it has been another amazing week down at the garden.  We've had another harvest (adding kale and garlic scapes, since we decided to share the scapes and not keep them all to ourselves).  Summer arrived on Wednesday with some rather hot, humid conditions.  While the humans weren't a fan of the heat, our watermelon, canteloupe and eggplant loved it, in fact the first two have flowers on their vines.

With one of the garden crew members off on vacation and the other attending a Permaculture conference at Umass Amherst, the garden definitely relied on the help of our extended Garden Family: our amazing volunteers.  They were willing to endure the mid-90 degree temperatures to make sure the garden was well watered and we were also able to accomplish a few quick tasks: string another round of twine to trellis our fast-growing tomatoes, weed one of the onion beds and carrot beds, and feed 2 of our 3 bush bean beds with some organic fertilizer.

Now it's time to do a rain dance to replenish our ground well and also give us gardeners a break from watering.


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