The Scapes Have Arrived! The Scapes Have Arrived!

Garlic Scapes that is!  The harvest of the scapes is one of the most highly anticipated harvests of the season (they are only in "season" for a short period of time and go so fast).  If you've ever had garlic scapes (and enjoy them) you can relate to how elated we were to find a handful of garlic scapes ready to be harvested this morning from our Garlic.

Garlic scapes are the "curly-cue" flower stalks of hardneck garlic.  Once they start curling around, we cut them right down to where they start coming out of the garlic leaves.  This helps to divert more of the plants resources/energy into growing a larger garlic bulb.  The other beauty of cutting the scapes is that you get to enjoy their deliciousness (I think of garlic scapes as scallions, but garlic flavor.  Excellent on pizza!)

Other news for this week, we are almost done with all the planting.  Soil temps have slowly been creeping up to the mid-70s so planting this week included: zucchini, canteloupe, bush beans, cucumbers, summer and winter squash, broccoli and celery transplants, many varieties of flowers.  Everything we planted last week (minus a handful of the herbs) have germinated and are growing strong.  The garden is looking very much alive!

Weeding season is in full force down at the garden as well.  The crew has started to attack our pumpkin and sunflower bed in the back of the garden where the weeds are the worst (anyone looking to volunteer in the garden, we've got a task for you!).  We hope to have this bed finished next week!


  1. I'm jealous! I think I've only seen one scape in my garden so far.


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