Where did all these weeds come from??

Now that the garden crew is finally back up to full strength, we are working furiously toward eliminating all of the weeds that popped up while crew members were away.  This is not an easy task, because as soon as you think you are catching up, new weeds are back!  A few weeks ago, we laid straw in the garden walkways to help reduce the weeds growing in those areas.  The weeds have proven to be much stronger than the straw.  Now, once an area has been weeded, we are collecting large pieces of cardboard and laying them on the walkways.  This is starting to sound like the "Three Little Pigs," haha, maybe someday we will need brick walkways!!!  The cardboard seems to be working well, and hopefully it won't get too soggy too fast.

We were very worried about how the garden would fare after the massive thunderstorm on the evening of July 4th which severely flooded parts of Burlington.  We are happy to report no damage and it even gave our well a day to refill, as we didn't have to water!


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