Autumn's Arrival

Yesterday was the official arrival of Autumn.  While the garden has been showing a few signs of fall here and there (with pumpkins turning orange a bit too quick), we are ready to welcome the Fall with open arms....kind of.

Autumn marks a difficult time in the season.  It means that we have to start planning how to prepare it for the winter even though so many crops are still going strong.  It's a delicate balance as you want enough time to take out all the plants/structures, get the soil tilled and plant a winter cover crop (while the temperatures are still warm enough for seed germination).  Despite the coming of winter and garden slumber in the back of our heads we still have some fall crops to keep going.

Many varities of winter squash are beginning to ripen in the garden.  Our delicata squash has been making an appearance at the farm stands for the past two weeks.  A few more you can expect in the upcoming farm stands: mini-butternut squash and sugar dumpling squash.  Our large pumpkins are just about ready as well!

We are also tending to a couple crops of fall greens: spinach, many varieties of head lettuce and our favorite green in the garden: Gourmet Lettuce mix. 

Keep your fingers crossed for the really cold evening temps to stay away from the Organic Garden for at least a couple more weeks and then you can expect to still see us out in front of the Chapel on Farm Stand day!


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