It's pumpkin season!

This is my final blog post as the SMC Organic Garden intern.  I feel so lucky to have spent this amazing summer working in the garden, and calling it my own.  I learned much more than I ever expected about growing organic vegetables including pest management, fertilizing, harvest dates, and general maintenance.  It's a little bit sad leaving the garden while it still has several weeks (hopefully) left in the growing season, but I know that our garden work study student and volunteers will take good care of it.  Plus, I'll be back to help out with harvesting and farm stands for at least two more weeks, as well! 

While some crops are dying down, others are still just getting started.  This week we had our first sale of pumpkins at our farmstand.  Pumpkin harvest definitely makes it clear that autumn is here!  We have had a great year for pumpkins, and we have a wide array of varieties ranging from large "Howden" Jack-o-lantern pumpkins to the tiny "Jack-be-little" variety.  The smaller varieties seem to be ripening earlier than the larger ones.  Currently, the "Jack-be-little" and Baby Pam Pie pumpkins are ready.  The Baby Pam Pie pumpkins are said to be extremely sweet and excellent for baking pies and other delicious pumpkin treats.  Check out this website for very detailed instructions for making a pumpkin pie from scratch using a real, fresh pumpkin.  It sounds delicious, but maybe in a few more weeks...I'm still trying to hold on to the end of summer!  Coming soon will be other varieties of pie pumpkins and small and large carving pumpkins.  It has been fun watching a few of the big jack-o-lantern pumpkins growing very large!


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