Onion Harvest

With the garden's location on the banks of the Winooski ("Onion") River, it is no surprise that we are able to grow a beautiful crop of onions.  This year, we grew four varieties: Calibra F1, Red Wing F1, Sedona F1, and Siskiyou Sweet Walla Walla.  This group includes sweet onions, storage onions, and red onions.  This year, the crop was especially bountiful, and we are looking forward to lots of large, sweet and delicious onions.

Onions are ready to harvest when most of the tops turn brown and flop over.  This means that the leaves have finished their job and are putting their final energy into the bulb.  When the bulb is mature it can be pulled from the ground.  It is best to harvest onions on a sunny day, not immediately following a rainstorm.  If the onions contain excess moisture, the curing process will be much more difficult.  After harvesting, we store the onions in a warm, well ventilated place out of the sun for several weeks.  While the onions can be enjoyed fresh, their flavor improves and sweetens over time.  The onions are cured when the skin rattles and the roots are brittle and dry.  After they have been cured, onions will last for months if stored properly.

The onions had looked so beautiful in the garden that we were almost sad to see them go, however we were excited for the harvest nonetheless.  In the next few weeks, we will be selling the cured onions at our weekly farmstands on Wednesdays from 11:30-1:00 in front of the SMC chapel.


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