Final Farm Stand of the Season

Happy first day of October blog readers!  It has been such an unbelievable harvest this season that it is with mixed emotions I write that this week (wednesday) will be our last full Farm Stand of the season.  It's hard to believe we started the harvest back in mid-June (our earliest ever!).  We could probably squeeze out at least another week, even two more but the timing is right to start preparing the garden for its winter rest.

Later this week I am very lucky to have a group coming with the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps.  Since this will be my last opportunity to have a large number of working hands, I had to make the decision that we'll be pulling up the majority of the plants this week.  By taking up all the plants this week, the plan for next week is to start tilling the soil and planting winter rye as a cover crop (while the temps are still warm enough for the seeds to germinate).

We are going to experiment with a few late fall crops: a few varieties of lettuce and winter spinach.  We planted these crops mid-August along the perimeter of the garden (so that we could still till and plant a cover crop) and are planning to cover them with some clear plastic to see how long we can stretch them before the white stuff falls! 

Although this week will be our last regular farm stand, the plan is to have an alotted time of veggie deliveries for another month (like we did at the start of the season).  These deliveries would include the winter greens, onions, pumpkins and winter squash.

Hope to see you in front of the chapel on Wednesday to celebrate such a wonderful season!

preview for next week: Garlic planting!!


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