Many Hands Make Light Work

The saying "Many hands make light work," certainly proved itself this past week when the garden welcomed a group of sophomores from Mount Mansfield Union High School through the Vermont Youth Conservation Corps.  VYCC's High School Leadership Program engages sophomore high school students in a work-based learning experience through the partnership of the VYCC and local schools. 

The progream works with various local project sponsors performing such work as building trails, working on farms, pruning apple trees, etc; in exchange, they receive education from that project sponsor.  The students were reading/studying Shakespeare's Twelfth Night and in exchange for working at the Organic Garden, were treated to watching the play performed at Saint Michael's.  A win-win for all!

The group certainly had their work cut out for them: picking up our row covers, plant markers, plant supports, breaking down our experimental hoop-house, and pulling up all the remaining plants and bringing them down to the college's compost.... all the be done in just a couple of hours (while having a lunch break and practicing their Shakespeare, the picture of the group is their Shakespeare pose).  They got it all done and it has put has in such a good position to now till the soil and plant a cover crop hopefully this coming week.


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