Protecting Crops in the Cold

Second week of October already?!  We've been busy in the garden getting ready for winter which, as we've talked about in the previous blogs, involves digging up most of our crops.  It also involves protecting a few select crops from the cold temperatures that we want to keep going a few more weeks.

We have used a couple different kinds of row covers down in the garden to protect crops from the freezing night-time temperatures: (1) all-prupose garden fabric and (2) garden quilt cover.  The garden fabric provides frost protection down to 28 degrees and allows 70% of the sunlight to filter through; the garden quilt cover provides frost proteciton down to 24 degrees and allows 60% of the sunlight to filter through.  Which one you use is really up to you.  We constantly check the temperatures each day now and will put the covers over our butternut squash (as it's not quite ripe), peppers and winter greens.

The row covers can be used from season to season as long as you care for them: make sure they are dry before you bring them in for the winter and keep in a closed container so that bugs/critters don't put holes in them).

Our Friday OVE crew continues to be a huge help in the garden as we are still digging up plants (our VYCC group will be coming next week, thanks to the rainy week we had last week!).  

This week is also a good week to start planning your garlic planting!  We will be tilling up our garlic spot, adding some compost (garlic needs a lot of organic matter) and then planting the cloves!  We have 4 varieties to plant this fall!


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