Season 2013 Is Getting Started!

Greetings Garden Blog followers, we are back for the season!  Well not in full swing (weekly blog updates will commence end of May), but figured I'd give a little teaser of the upcoming season and what we have been up to so far.

The snow is pretty much gone down at the garden (although the ground still has some ice patches which we discovered taking soil samples for analysis last week).  Our winter rye cover crop is a lush green and as I type, is adding nitrogen and organic matter to the soil.  The garlic we planted last fall has started to wake up and the first few crocuses said hi when I checked just yesterday morning.  I don't know about you, but I am itching to map out the rows and get seeds in the soil!

We've started some of our veggies in the Biology Greenhouse in Cheray Science Hall!  So far, the onions are all going strong (4 varieties) and are about a couple inches tall.  We just started peppers and eggplant this week and next week, the tomatoes will get in the greenhouse.

Keep your fingers crossed for increasing temperatures and sunshine so the garden soil can dry out for us to till in the winter rye and get things into full swing!

Also, new for the upcoming season: attempting to grow okra, experimenting with more graden structures, experimenting with farmscaping for biological control (google it, we'll do a post on this during the growning season) and fortifying our carrots so that the bunnies do not demolish them for the 3rd season in a row (we're thinking double if not triple fencing around them, take that cute little bunnies)!!


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