Bring On The Heat!

 We witnessed some extremes of Vermont weather since the last post. From snow in the mountains, to 90 degree heat on Friday. The weather and temperatures this past week provided a good example of the need to use various tools to allow the garden to thrive; in addition, as the soil began to heat up towards the end of the week new planting opportunities arose.

One new tool we're trying out are hoop houses with green house specific plastic. These hoop houses provide a smoother transition for some of our plants. We planted tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and watermelon under the hoop houses to, hopefully, give them a better start. The hoop houses are a nice transition between hardening off and full exposure to the elements.
On a similar but different note, tools to assist with garden pests. This year, we've lowered the electric fence and, reduced it to a single wire. The single line fence now sits no more than 5 inches off the ground. The main pest we are trying to deter at this point are the rabbits. After a litter of (carrot leaf eating) rabbit kittens was born in the garden last year, we needed to do something.

So, we're trying out a few new tools to yield more, healthier veggies. From what we've seen, the hoop house plants are initially looking better than the ones planted in full exposure. As for the fence, we'll soon find out how effective it is.


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