Here Comes The... Sun?

In terms of our agenda this week, we were in great shape. In the world of organic gardening however, extra time at the end of the day doesn't mean there's nothing else to do. We focused our efforts on some overdue maintance of our operation. Weeding, fence repair, and record keeping kept the ball rolling. Perhaps a more exciting aspect of this week was the opportunity to experiment with new types of companion planting.

Companion planting is combining different plants (herbs, flowers and veggies) to get a desired outcome.  Outcomes such as detering pests, attracting beneficial bugs, helping each companion grow etc.

Basil and Marigolds became companions to many varieties that have already been planted. They were both planted alongside Cucumbers and Peppers. The Basil alone was added to the Tomato beds. Two new companionships are that of Green Beans and Eggplant, and Dill and Brussel Sprouts. We're excited to see the outcome of the relationship offered by the Green Beans and Dill. That's the extent of our companion planting for now although, there's more in the works. To find out more about specific relationships between companions, how it all works out, and future companion planting we'd love to see you at our Garden Structures and Companion Planting workshop. For more information on this, and future workshops please subscribe to the sustainability mailing list.

While the weekend ahead looks a bit rainy, some sun in the week to follow would help many of our plants take hold. Some veggies that we'll be watching are the Pac Choy, Bush Beans, and Carrots that germinated this week. In addition, the Tomatoes! They're enduring these less than ideal conditions and more installments of hoop houses are definitely helping out but, they're going to need some sun.


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