75˚ and Sunny

We had a successful farm stand this past Wednesday and are looking forward to many more to come! Of course the success of the farm stand most definitely depends on the success of the garden. We're currently taking action to deal with what we believe is late blight on our tomato plants. According to the VT Extension Master Gardeners' State Blog late blight has been confirmed on potato plants in Huntington. Hopefully, the daily inspection and pruning of the affected areas of the plant will keep the disease at bay long enough to get some tomatoes for the upcoming farm stands.  With Late Blight, you should pull up all infected plants, bag them and put them in the trash (do not compost them as this will help spread the spores).

For those of you with interest in the organic garden seminar series, the next seminar will be taking place this Tuesday. The topic: organic garden pests. We'll look at the various pests that frequent the organic garden, as well as the ways we organically manage these pests. If you are interested in the seminar series please RSVP to Heather Lynch (hellis@smcvt.edu). Spots are limited to 10 people on a first come first serve basis. See you there!


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