Cool, Crisp, Refreshing...

The weather that is, especially these last few days. A long awaited break in the stalled weather system that's been accompanying our garden has finally arrived. While we were still dealing with the aftermath of our incredibly wet season thus far, the cooler temps and decreased percentages of humidity couldn't have come sooner.

We were forced to give up on another couple varieties this week. The Kohlrabi and Cabbage beds have been prepped for more planting. The Rosemary and Chives they left behind will have to serve as companions to another variety of veggies, that will hopefully have more of a fighting chance. In terms of the bigger scheme of our garden, sacrificing a few beds hurts the profits that serve as financial backing for the future of the organic garden, and educational opportunities associated with it such as student intern positions. Losing these opportunities is a detriment to the St. Michael's College community but what about those who rely on farming in different (pictures are of flooding at Half Pint Farm at the Intervale) in very different ways. Our own troubles in the garden serve as a reminder of the incredible impact that environmental degradation and subsequent climate change can have on those that work in industries in which the environment plays an integral role.
capacities? Livelihoods for instance, and opportunities offered to a larger community. Less than ideal weather, and events associated with it, such as flooding, impacts organizations like the Intervale Center (

On a lighter note, our first variety of Garlic was ready for harvest this week! In three to five weeks the curing process will have produced bulbs with a strong flavor that last significantly longer than fresh (just harvested) Garlic. Another notable happening this week was the onset of early blight in our tomatoes. Perhaps a more notable happening was our ability to see the signs early on and, take necessary precautions to help stop the spread of the fungi. All affected areas of the plant were pruned and disposed of.


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