Pac Choy, Pests, and once again... The Weather!

We saw the first signs of some new pests this week, as well as the full extent of the damage pests can do to our garden. A combination of flea beetles and excessive temperatures put an end to our Pac Choy crop for the season. The new pests included an identification of the cucumber beetle, and evidence of cabbage worms.

We were forced to harvest the Pac Choy this week not only because the leaves looked like Swiss cheese but also because it bolted, i.e. it went to seed. The Swiss cheese characteristic was of course due to the presence of flea beetles. When we originally identified the problem with flea beetles, the damage done to the leaves was too great. We attempted to keep the flea beetles at bay with the use of neem oil to suppress their appetites. While an effective solution to the flea beetle infestation, our efforts came just a bit too late.

Looking ahead, as I mentioned, we have some other pests to set our sights on. Cabbage worms and cucumber beetles could become a larger issue than they are right now. To be sure we are always up to date on the status of these pests, we conduct daily examinations of the varieties that have potential to be affected by these pests. Any identified pests are exterminated and, their affects on the varieties themselves are noted to be sure we don't wait too long to take more drastic measures to control the pests.


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