The Farm Stand!

As we're finally approaching the time when we'll have enough produce to open our farm stand at SMC, there's been some talk in the office. Talk of community, opportunity, and what exactly the organic garden farm stand means to Saint Michael's College. And for that matter, what it could mean for the future of the SMC community.

A good place to start is looking at the impact of farm stands and farmers markets on a larger scale, the community of Burlington, VT and surrounding areas. David Zuckerman, co-owner of Full Moon Farm in Hinesburg and a VT senator, recently put together his thoughts and experiences on the subject. Zuckerman's article, Market Day, was published in UVM's Vermont Quarterly.

"Farmers markets, more than just a place to buy veggies, are about a return to community... I find that these markets provide essential and vital opportunities for people in our state to come together." So, in terms of the community at Saint Mike's, an event such as the opening of our farm stand has great potential to provide a valuable service to our own, smaller community. The continued operation of the farm stand into the academic school year holds even greater potential due to the return of many campus community members.

Contrary to what some might believe, farm stands and farmers markets are about more than just a
mere transaction of money and food. While food is one commonality that has potential to bring a community together, so do things like art. As Zuckerman says, " we vendors of agricultural goods, prepared foods, and a variety of handcrafted Vermont products come together to set up our booths... we’re truly a community in our own right." A community event such as farm stand does not necessarily have to end at fresh produce, it can incorporate food preparation, music, photography, the list goes on and on.

What started as the organic garden farm stand at SMC, has potential to provide community members with a venue to share with the community. In addition, events such as this are a valuable tool to facilitate a healthy, vibrant community. From all of us at the SMC organic garden, we hope you'll be able to share in the enjoyment of the opportunities our community farm stand presents. We hope to see you there and, are always open to new ideas regarding future opportunities for the farm stand.

Let us know what the SMC Organic Garden Farm Stands mean to you (or any farm stand for that matter).

Our Farm Stands will be held on Wednesdays (with the exception of 1 being on a Thursday 8/8) in front of the Chapel from 11:30 - 1:15


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