Another Round of Planting

It's mid-August and the garden is at its peak of production, as are most gardens this time of year.  Often, many might not think about planting this time of year.  Such a missed opportunity to get another round of harvest before winter pays us a visit!

This year in the OG, we're paying more attention to Fall Planting.  The peak soil temperatures of 85 have been going down with the cooler nights.  We're at about 65 degrees in the soil, perfect to get those fall seeds and plants into the soil!  This
past week we planted Broccoli, Snap Peas, Beets, Spinach, Arugula, Radishes, Pac Choy and Red Russian Kale.  A couple weeks ago we planted a couple more beds of lettuce and another variety of Kale.  When planning for a fall harvest, it's important to remember the amount of time it takes for a vegetable to mature (will you get a few harvests out of the plant before winter cuts its life short?), where you are planting it (was something previously planted there and if so, can you plant what you want to plant there are should it be somewhere else) and growing conditions (is the soil temperature at the right germination temperature, are the evening and day time temps conducive to growing).

Although we focused on getting ready for the Fall, there is still plenty to do with our main summer crops in the garden.  We set up a hoop house over a section of our zucchini plants (we started a second round of zucchini mid-summer since our first round did so-so).  We're hoping to speed up growing so that we can have a few harvests of these guys.  We're also waiting on our large tomatoes to turn red, the delicata squash to mature and our gorgeous watermelon and cantaloupe to ripen -- keep your eyes out for these treats at our upcoming Farm Stands every Wednesday 11:30-1:15 in front of the SMC Chapel!


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