Field Trip!

Now that many varieties in the organic garden at Saint Michael's College are well established, we took the opportunity this past week to visit and learn more about the food and farming industry in Vermont. This past Wednesday we took a trip to the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Our first stop brought us to Sterling College in Craftsbury Common. On the way home, we stopped at High Mowing Seeds in Wolcott.

Sterling College is a small working college
focused on sustainability. Food and farming ties into every aspect of students' lives at Sterling. While academically rigorous as well, Sterling provides students with hands on work experience.

High Mowing Seeds gave us the opportunity to see first hand many of the techniques we've applied to the garden at St. Mike's. Of course these techniques at High Mowing Seeds had been transferred to a much larger operation. It was apparent that practicality and efficiency becomes necessary when farming is a livelihood.

The trial fields at High Mowing Seeds provide a testing site for varieties of veggies, herbs and flowers, production of seeds, and more seeds, and fresh produce (the food bank will harvest many of the veggies from the trial feeds after the seeds have been taken). High Mowing Seeds provides
incredibly reliable non-GMO organic seeds, but is also a great resource for their customers. They provide public information on growing and seed saving  techniques specific to many different varieties and they also have tours and hands-on workshops throughout the season.

These two organizations are just two products of the progressive food and farming culture present in Vermont.  This is a trip the garden crew (and other interested students) have been taking for the past three years.  Learning about and visiting these 2 places has been both an educational and inspiration trip for us all. They also demonstrated just some of the possibilities associated with the topic. Possibilities  that are increasing even at SMC as the organic garden operation continues to gain momentum and support


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