Pesky Pests Are Still Around

Can you believe that August is almost over?  We can't!  The cool temps at night, the sound of crickets that greet us each morning in the OG and the fact that we've been planting for our Fall crops make us think it's fall time.  It also makes us forget that we still have pests to keep an eye out for in the garden.  We were reminded of this when we noticed some oh so lovely cabbage worm droppings in our Kale this past week.  As we looked more closely over a couple of our Kale plants, we discovered the little guys!  They were certainly well fed.

Cabbage worms blend in well with many of the
veggies they like to chomp on.  At a quick glance, you'd think they were part of the veins on the leaves.  Thankfully, early in the season, we put up insect nets over a couple of our Kale beds.  We wanted to test these nets to see if they would actually prevent cabbage worms from getting to the Kale.  The idea behind the nets is
that it prevents the white cabbage moth from laying its eggs on the Kale leaves.  It worked!  The Kale underneath the nets had no sign of cabbage worms, while the Kale outside obviously did!

Other pests still in the garden include squash bugs (which we found in a curled up cucumber leaf) and cucumber beetles (on our delicata squash).  They were small in number though.  One pest that we typically get mid-August, the dreaded Tomato Hornworm, was no where to be found this year!!  Perhaps because the Garden crew really pruned all of our tomatoes (a lot of leaf spot on the lower branches but also to try to prevent late blight).

In other news this week in the OG, we sampled one of our Sugar Baby watermelon to see if it was ready yet.  It was!  Expect to see some of these and perhaps our Cantaloupe at upcoming Farm Stands =)


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