Slugs Make a Come Back

At the start of the growing season, it's typical to be infiltrated by an overwhelming population of snails and slugs.  This season especially as it was rather damp -- something that little guys just love!  In the five seasons the OG has been in existence, I can't ever remember having them return towards the end of the season.

For the past few weeks we've been trying hard to keep our fall crops from being eaten!  Our fall Broccoli, which had a horrible spring season, is looking to have a not so good fall season.  All but perhaps 1 or 2 of our plants might actually make it.  The others look like mere spindles as the slugs have consumed all of the leaves.  Our fall planting of Bac Choy is being nibbled on by a handful of slugs as well.  In the spring, our bac choy is decimated by flea beetles -- so we figured
we'd try a fall planting when the flea beetles have gone.  Our Kale that isn't under the insect nets is being eaten by cabbage worms and slugs as well!

Thankfully the weather is starting to turn cool, and the slugs are dwindling in number as are the cabbage moths.  Another casualty of slugs, our pumpkins.  We harvested all of our pumpkins for the season (expect them at this week's farm stand!) - which weren't fantastic in numbers thanks to the spring cohort of slugs eating the blossoms on the vines!

Goods news: our sugar snap peas are coming in beautifully and will be at the farm stand on Wednesday - they sell out fast so I'd be smart about when you plan to swing by ;)


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