Anddddd We're Back!

Hello all you wonderful blog followers!  Sorry for the delay in getting our weekly blog up and running for the season.  We've been super busy getting the garden ready for the season, but I am happy to say we are up and running in full force with a wonderful crew of gardeners!

It was a very long winter, which put our usual spring garden preparations a bit behind.  The biggest change for this season is that we have decided to go no-till!  In the past, at the start of each season we would use a roto-tiller to fold in our winter rye cover crop.  While limited use of a mechanized roto-tiller is okay per say, it does take its toll on the soil (which is the most important part of a good garden).  Regular use of a roto-tiller will destroy your soil structure over time and cause increased soil compaction.  Not to mention the emissions from its use.  It also harms your soil's biota, such as earth worms, which are another huge component of healthy soil.

So, we decided to invest in some amazing Broad Forks!  These tools aerate the soil and fold in you cover crop keeping the earth worms in one piece and the soil structure in tact.  It did take a lot longer to prep the garden (1 day of a roto-tiller versus about a week and a half for 1 person to prep the garden, well worth it though!).  Yes, it was a lot more work but in the long run this will be so much better for our soil and vegetables.  We highly recommend investing in one!

On Monday, our garden crew started and they have been welomed by some absolutely gorgeous weather! They have even been able to start planting some of our cool season crops: lettuce, spinach, carrots and kale. Other veggies to be planted this week include snap peas, beets, scallions and radishes. More cool weather plants to go in next week.

We look forward to a wonderful season ahead!


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