2014 Garden Crew: The Passion Behind the Plants

Figured it was better late than never in terms of introducing to you all this year's amazing garden crew (will be putting this up the garden website when I figure out how to update it....).

Garden Intern Nick Rucci '14:
During my time at St. Mikes I majored in Environmental Studies and Studio Art where I looked at humanitarian and socio-political based themes in terms of agriculture.  Despite all the depressing aspects of environmentalism, I found new hope in food. More specifically, I saw an agrarian mindset as a crucial stepping stone towards environmental action.  Through direct engagement with land and the surrounding community of people, plants, and soils we can begin a radical non-violent sort of activism that finally gets something accomplished.  Working on the garden is just one of many ways to help kickstart this idea into motion.  All the efforts and nurturing make everything taste so much better and there is a deeper appreciation for what we’ve accomplished.  My main goal is to hopefully see these attributes carry over to the campus as a whole…And being outside all day in the fresh air isn’t such a bad way to start the dreaded career path either.

Garden Crew Member Shawna McGowan '15:
Shawna, SMC '15, is one of this year's crew members for the Organic Garden. She's majoring in Environmental Studies and became interested in SMC's organic garden last summer, when she helped out with pre-season prep as she did research for the sustainability office. Over the course of her education, she has spent quite a bit of time studying sustainable agriculture, including taking classes abroad, through which she was able to visit organic farms and gardens in various regions of Denmark and Sweden. She jumped at the opportunity to get more of a hands-on experience working in the garden for the summer. As she enters her senior year at SMC, Shawna looks forward to finishing classes a semester early so she can continue organic farming abroad through the WWOOF organization.

Garden Crew Member Rachel Proctor '17:
I personally want to learn how to establish a sense of community around food and have people learn more about where their food is coming from. After reading the Omnivores Dilemma in my junior year of high school, I began to look at the way we grow our food in a different light. I also did one of my projects in my ethics class on GMO’s and that area of study was very interesting to learn about how much power that companies like Monsanto have and the strong influence they use on farmers and the industry. Along with learning more about our food system, that same year I did my history research paper on Rachel Carson and discovered the dangers of pesticide use and this sparked my interest in the environmental movement and in the organic method of farming. My overall goal is to find a job that will allow me to raise awareness of environmental problems in our world and inspire other people to stand with me in implementing actions towards a more sustainable future.
Rachel is majoring in Environmental Studies with a  minor in Biology


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