Caring for your Tomato Plants

It's that time of the season when your tomato plants are probably growing like crazy!  There are a couple important things you should be doing to keep them under control (which will also help with reducing disease as well as growing bigger tomatoes).  Check out this video where the Organic Garden Program and Education Coordinator Erika Bodin explains.

The more attention you pay to your plants now, the better off you'll be later in the season.  Other things you should be keeping an eye on are your cucurbits (squash, zucchini, cucumbers, winte squash, watermellon, cantaloupe, pumpkins) - we've started to get are usual cucumber beetle visitors.  A couple things to manage these pests: you can hand pick them off (squish them to kill them), you can use a neem oil spray which supresses their appetites so they don't feed on the plants or you can sprinkle garden dush on the leaves (make sure it's an organic dust - we get ours from Gardener's Supply down the road).   Click on the photo to the left so you can see what cucumber beetles look like (we have the striped variety).

Other exciting news - we will be having our first farm stand of the season tomorrow (Wednesday 7/16) outside in front of the Chapel 11:30-1:00!!  See you there!


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