Meet the Garden Crew of 2015

The garden season has been off to a phenomenal start with a stellar group of crew members!  We thought you should meet the team as we kick off our weekly blog for the 2015 season.

Jack Loomis '16 - Organic Garden Crew Member
Jack is excited to be working in the organic garden this summer. He is an Environmental Studies major who enjoys writing and spending time outside. Following this summer's gardening experience, Jack hopes to continue focusing on environmental education, especially in regard to food production and community engagement. He especially enjoys snap peas and cherry tomatoes, and can't wait until they are ready to be eaten! 

Jess Reid '17 - Organic Garden Crew Member
Jess is an Anthropology major from Bridgewater, MA. Her interest in organic gardening stems from the beneficial impact that gardens have on communities: they bring people together, educate across generations, and encourage a more sustainable mindset. Now, Jess hopes to learn more about different gardening techniques and methods throughout the summer. She is looking forward to helping the garden develop, and hopes that it will play a larger role in the Saint Michael's community in the future.

Amanda Kellner '15 - Organic Garden Crew Leader
Amanda is from Bakersfield, VT and majored in Anthropology and Environmental Studies with a concentration in Women and Sustainable Agriculture. Amanda is thrilled to be working in the garden this summer and can think of nothing else that she'd rather be doing. She values the garden for its ability to bring together a wide range of academic disciplines and personal interests especially social justice and social transformaiton through community involvement in localized food production. Amanda is especially interested in learning about pest control and growing members of the brasica family. She hopes that she can carry her passion for food outside of the garden and teach people how to use and explore the food they grow.


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