Rain and Research

This past week has been pretty miserable as I'm sure you didn't fail to notice. The rain drove us from the garden most days but did ensure that we didn't have to water the plants. We spent a significant amount of time doing more research on garden critters, disease, and permaculture techniques. While we do miss the sunshine, I think we've come across a lot of ideas and information which we're excited to implement in the garden.

We did brave the rain to check on our garlic, however. It looks like we've beaten the leek moths with our weekly application of Bt and keeping the rows covered at night to keep off the nocturnal moths. We only found 1 larvae in the whole bed on our last check! The scapes are up and look gorgeous with very few of them damaged. In the next couple of days we should be able to taste our work. Lettuce, spinach, and radishes are all coming on so we're hoping for a salad social sometime soon. More information when we figure it out.

Saturday was a busy day at the garden with a visit from local elementary school kids and some of their Saint Mike's mentors. They explored the food growing in the garden, planted some zinnias, and decorated the birdhouses that the crew built. While they found the herbs pleasant to smell, the garlic was a bit much for them.

One of our permaculture inspirations is Stefan Sobkowiak from Miracle Farm up in Quebec. His instructional video The Permaculture Orchard has given us tons of information and ideas to work with as we plan the implementation of our new site. We're trying to organize a tour of his farm sometime this summer and would like to open the invitation to anyone who is interested in attending with us. Please contact Amanda Kellner at akellner@mail.smcvt.edu with questions or to express interest.

As always, we welcome questions, comments, ideas, visitors, and volunteers! Here's hoping for better weather this coming week.


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