Garden Critters and Incredible Growth!

The past week felt a little bit scattered to us in the garden. Some days were beautiful and others cold and rainy. We're getting a little tired of being in the library so we stuck it out in the rain a few times. While we might not have enjoyed the soaking, our plants seem to really be loving the alternating sunshine and rainstorms. The peas are now around 8 inches tall and we've had our first harvests of spinach, radishes, and garlic scapes. The garlic scapes especially have amazed us with how fast they're growing and all of them will need to be harvested this week. (Contact Heather Lynch, if you'd like to place an order). As the produce starts coming in, the garden crew has started looking for new ideas of how to use different vegetables. We've used scapes for pizza, stir-frys, on the grill, and to make pesto. Radishes we've tried roasting with oil and in salad. If you have any other ideas, we'd love to hear them, especially for the radishes which some of us are struggling with.

A few weeks ago, we told you that we had recycled some old pallets and turned them into birdhouses. We are now proud to report that the houses have been decorated and placed around the garden site. We're waiting to see if the new additions interest any of the many bird species that keep us company.

In addition to many kinds of birds, we also get to see frogs and snakes in the garden. The snakes especially like to hang out under the black plastic over our tomato beds. We don't mind them and they don't seem to mind us though sometimes we do startle each other.

A side project that we've been working on is recovering an over grown part of our garden site. A few years ago, a previous crew put in blueberry bushes and a beautiful trellis in a quiet spot behind the garden. Unfortunately, the site was also home to poison ivy! We think we've managed to knock it back enough to make a mulched path and reclaim The Nook. We've even planted it with some annuals to make it seem more welcoming.

Finally, we're still looking for people to join our northward adventure to Miracle Farms in Quebec to check out the awesome permaculture orchard that they've been developing. Contact Amanda at with questions and to sign up!


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