August: The Month of Abundance

August: the month of abundance as summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes, and beans start coming on strong and all of our other veggies continue to produce as well. And we've planted our fall cool-weather crops like another round of spinach!

It can be overwhelming at times and I know that my fridge is overflowing with fresh food waiting to be either eaten up or preserved for the coming cooler months. VPR's program Vermont Edition recently had a conversation about what to do with all your excess produce which can be found at this link: Summer Cooking. The Intervale Community Farm is also a great resource for new recipes and ideas. Here is a link to that page on their website. Intervale Recipes.

Another great newly found resource is a cookbook put out by a local Vermont publishing company called Cooking Close to Home. The recipes in this book are not only catered to Vermont's seasonal foods but also look absolutely delicious.

At a recent farm stand, we experimented with some nontraditional baking and made a chocolate beet cake! Feedback from most people was that chocolate cake was now their favorite way to get a serving of veggies. That recipe can be found here: Chocolate Beet Cake.

As the season continues, we'll soon be expecting our first winter squash! But just by looking at the garden you'd think that frost will never come. The zinnias, sunflowers, and various vegetable and herb blossoms are adding tons of colors and places for pollinators to feast! Visitors as always are welcome during working hours (8am to 3pm most days weather depending). Also, we are always happy to hear about your favorite way to use produce. Feel free to share recipes in the comments section or when you come see us at farm stand!

Enjoy the fruits of our seasonal labor and soak up these late days of summer!


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