Construction Time

It is growing time in the garden, for both the plants and the site itself. As for harvest, we have been pulling in pounds of food, and this past week has been one of our most bountiful yet. This week alone, we harvested 67.8 pounds of cucumbers and 25 pounds of potatoes! We have begun to harvest onions and shallots as well, and are looking forward to some cherry tomatoes next week.

We have also had a couple of new projects going on in the garden, including the construction of the wash station! We are lucky enough to have a crew from Saint Michael's Facilities construct a 24x8 foot long wash station adjacent to the vegetable plots in the field. It is a work of art, and something that we will be using heavily in the upcoming weeks. It will allow us to have all of our wash station things in one area, meaning wash bins, harvesting tools and buckets, and cleaning supplies. Below is a picture of Jess kneeling in our temporary wash station while the new one is constructed in the background!

We have also begun to plant the pollinator garden. The pollinator garden, designed by Karla Clithero (Class of 2016) is located just above the raised bed area. Throughout the summer, with the help of volunteers, we have been covering the area with a layer of cardboard then a layer of wood chips. These layers will help to suppress weeds and maintain moisture levels in the garden. To plant, we cut through these layers and put the plants directly in the soil, then surround them by wood chips again. We have more than 150 flowers for this garden, and work is going slowly but surely! It was nice to see that as we were planting the flowers, we already had some pollinator activity. This garden will be especially useful once we plant the orchard on the hill behind it.

With all this growth comes some pests, though. This week is the first week we found tomato hornworm on the tomato plants in the hoophouse and in the field - for those who have never seen one before, here is a picture!

As always, the Permaculture Site is open to everyone Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 8:00-3:00. Please come down whenever you are free to help out or to just enjoy the space! On Wednesdays 12:30-1:00, we will be having salad days. Salad from the garden, fresh bread, and homemade butter, bring your own bowl! In addition, there will be a self-serve farmstand in the Center for Women and Gender 9:00-4:00 most days. We will be having our big Farmstand every Thursday 11:00-1:00 outside Alliot, please stop bye and say hello! 
- Erin


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